Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back to Back Years Don't Produce the Same Results

Last year Jared joined running club.

This year he did again. He did so well last year with all the work and preparation we did. I felt like he was just going to take off this year. Something unexpected happened this past year that affected my plans and while I was happy for that which was unexpected, it threw some things off.

When Jared ran last year, he was about 68 pounds. We could count his ribs. He was skinny. We attributed this to his ADHD medications. It affects his appetite and he ate much less than his brothers, who are much more solid physically anyway. Jackson was only about 10 pounds less than him and 2 1/2 years younger. The doctors monitored his weight and we always kept in mind that his meds had the potential to mess with his growth.

Well, Jared's little body did something these last few months. He got meaty. His face filled out. He's got a little belly. His body is looking like what his older brothers did at that same age.

He's been having trouble with the running this year. Jared can be very sensitive to body sensations whether they be from certain clothing, or glue drying on your skin. Jared's new body shape was not helping his running and he felt every bit of it.

At his last doctor's appointment Jared weighed in at 94 pounds. That is just over 25 pounds gained in a year!!!! No wonder he's having trouble this year. I think this weight has come on faster than his body could adjust.

I decided not to put him in the road race this year just because he was perseverating too much while on the course and I didn't want him to melt down during the race. We were both disappointed, but even he agreed that it was best.

From a larger perspective, I am happy to see my boy chub out. With my other boys this was the sign that a growth spurt was in the near future. Jared is on schedule and while he may not get to be as tall as his brothers (this would have been the case meds or not) I am glad to see that he may not be as behind in growing as I was fearing. It's all good.

So while the running may not have panned out like we planned, other good things made up for that in big ways.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm Just Trying To Be Proactive

September is four months away. For some that is a long way off.  For me it feels like tomorrow and I'd better start preparing for it now, lest time gets away from me.

Jared is now nearing the end of his 5th grade year.  This means that middle school begins in the fall.  This means new school, new students, new teachers, school bus, various classrooms, lockers, locker combinations, really crowded hallways, and learning a band instrument (he picked the trumpet).  I may not survive this.  He probably will be okay.

He will probably be okay.  That is what I keep telling myself.  I do because I've already had a meeting with the middle school administration even though the transition meetings don't start till next week.  I have already taken him to the school when the halls were full of kids.  I have sat with him through a band class and the teacher was fantastic enough to let him sit with the trumpet players.  The noise didn't bother him (yeah!!) and he's more excited about band than ever.  I've acquired a lock that he can practice the combination on for the summer.  It's not THE lock, but he'll get the gist of how to use one.  I've set up an organizational system for his classes so that he has everything he needs without having to grab for things in a messy locker.

I am on this.

Jared's transition meeting is next week.  I am looking forward to this.  I actually feel really hopeful, because everyone, whether they know me or have recently met me, know that this little kid has parents who are totally on board his ship.  He has advocates all around him and it will be hard for him to slip through the cracks because his mom and dad are on top of things.  On top!!

I am proactive.  I am a communicator.  I am a resource.  I am a sounding board.  I have thick skin.  I am Jared's mom.  I want the best for him.

I'm also learning as I go.  I still worry no matter how hopeful I am.  I may have forgotten some things we need to do to get him ready.  I am Jared's mom.  I want the best for him.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Presentation Update

He did great!! So proud of him.

Later in April, Jared did the same presentation to his Cub group and he will present again to a grade 4 class next week.