Monday, June 14, 2010

June Always Feels Like a Gong Show

Kids go nuts in June. Everyone is tired of school and that goes for students, teachers, and parents. Kids act out more. I don't want to make any more lunches.

Jared is acting up. He's lippy, defiant, losing his temper.....but only at home. He is hating home big time right now. He loves school. He doesn't want it to end. I checked in on how things were going there and there have been no problems. I'm glad about that, but it makes me wonder if he's just acting out where it's safe or are we doing things differently and causing this behavior.

All the boys are done. Done. Done. DONE. There is stress about exams for James and Jordan, and I do give them some of that stress. I expect good marks from smart students and they are smart. It seems that every one is on some one's case. Now that I write it down, I see that we are a fertile breeding ground for Jared to go off the edge.

I just don't see how it can really be avoided. This is least our life. We try to keep life as simple and straight forward as possible, but stuff happens. While I would love life to stay safe and secure for Jared at all times, I can't shelter him from everything, right?