Sunday, May 8, 2011

Getting Taller

Jared came to me quite concerned a few days ago.

"Mom," he said, "I think you are shrinking."


"Yeah. We are almost the same height now."

A big smile came over my face as I realized and was amazed at his perspective on the issue at hand.

"Honey, I'm not shrinking.  You are growing!!"

Big smile on his face, "I am?  That's awesome!!"

Mother's Day

I am happy to celebrate Mother's Day on any other day than the assigned day.  Valentines too.  It seems, however that I am the ONLY one on the planet that feels this way and so I am resigned, for the sake of my children and my own mother, to "suck it up" and celebrate Mother's Day.

It's always worth the payoff.

This is from Jared.  He gave it to me after church today.  A few days ago he asked for a duo tang and some paper and I didn't think about it again.

Until today.  
This is what he wrote:

How I love my moTHer
By: Jared 
Mom, I love you for all the things you do, I love it how you make dinner and how you fold the clothes but most importantly I love you because your my mother.  We spend time together to talk about me or to talk about my autism.  I feel love around even when dad is there. 
You care for me and my brothers.  You always know what's right and thats something I like.
I love you with all my heart and I know you love me too.  I hope that even though your upset when me or the brothers do something wrong, you'll still love us.

the END

When Jared was diagnosed and I was in a state of fear and sadness and all that goes with officially knowing that your baby has a life long challenge with no fix and only hard lessons and training needed to co-exist with the "normal folk", I wondered if he would ever know how to express his love.  I wondered if his expressions up to that time were "learned behaviors" or if true emotion was behind it.

Today I received my answer.  Mother's Day or not, I can't find an eloquent enough way to share how it makes me feel.