Monday, April 2, 2012

What Did World Autism Day Look Like

I kind of didn't let Jared in on it because then all he would talk about today would be autism.  When I say talk all day, I am not exaggerating.

So W.A.D. for me meant getting a call from a mom to let me know that Jared was on the receiving end of a bullying situation where her son and another boy intervened and ended it.  That led to emails to the school to find out what's going on because Jared NEVER shares these things with me.

I did manage to get out of him that he gets bullied on a regular basis, but what's the big deal, MOM??? Homo. Gay.  Just minor stuff like that.  He defends these boys too.  They are his friends.  I know Sean and I struggle to teach him that's not a friend, but his discernment in that field is pretty rotten.

So emails are sent.  I've been told there will be follow up tomorrow.  So here I wait and see.

Jared's a move on to the next thing kind of kid.  He doesn't dwell on negatives.  He's pretty cheerful and chatty.  That doesn't help in this case.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


To a young man who constantly teaches our family that the worth of each soul is great. We love him for his perseverance. We love him for his forgiving and positive nature even when the world is cruel to him. We are grateful for the amazing strides he has achieved on his journey and the work he does to try to overcome the obstacles he continues to face. Thank you to all those who love him even when it's hard. Thank you to his brothers who shoulder the extra pressures and responsibilities that been placed in their path. Jared, we love you. You are a hero and someday the whole world will see that too.

Our Angels

Mormons love lots of church and our semi annual General Conference is no different.  A weekend, twice a year, of church.  Lots of good stuff.

I am posting one of my favorites.  I had a few, but this one related to my Jared and to all those babies who are born less than what the world deems perfect.

Our babies are not born this way as punishment.  I think they are valiant souls sent here to teach the rest of us. They are a mirror into our souls if we care to look.  They teach us patience.  They teach us love.  They teach us service. They teach us to rely on powers greater.  They teach us faith.

The worth of souls is  great in the sight of God........a few glitches in your physical make up does not devalue you.